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Reopening COVID-19 Guidelines & Procedures


  1. Read the complete COVID-19 Guidelines & Procedures on this page.

  2. Complete the Returning to Hub101 form

  3. Select a membership plan via the Member Portal on our website.

  4. Make sure you have read and understand the new building access procedure, which requires you to have a working keycard.

  5. Make sure you have read and understand the new check-in and check-out process, which includes a temperature check and daily health self-check required for every visit to Hub101.

  6. Download the Passport by Nexudus app onto your mobile device for contactless check-in and check-out. Download for iPhone here. Download for Android here.



  • You must stay home if you are not feeling well in any way, including having a cough or fever or experiencing any other symptoms associated with COVID-19 within the last 14 days; or if you have had (or suspect you may have had) any exposure to the virus or those affected within the last 14 days.

    • If you think you are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, you can access the CDC’s Self-Checker, a guide to help you make decisions and seek appropriate medical care.

  • Face coverings are required at all times unless you are in an enclosed space by yourself (private office, meeting room).

  • Practice diligent and thorough hand washing and sanitizing frequently.

  • Practice physical distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from others, including when you visit the front desk or restrooms.

  • Please wipe down surfaces and handles before and after use, or ask staff for assistance.

  • The kitchen is closed (including vending machines, refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave, etc.). Though the sink will remain open - please wash your hands regularly and maintain 6 feet physical distancing.

  • In the event you have a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection, there will be a case investigation and contact tracing, a core disease control measure employed by local and state health department personnel for decades. This is a key strategy for preventing further spread of COVID-19. Read more about the CDC’s core principles and multi-pronged approach to case investigation and contact tracing.



  • All persons must enter Hub101 using the main, front entrance in the lobby.

  • All persons entering Hub101 must use their keycards to swipe-in at the main entrance. If you do not have a keycard, email

  • All persons must check-in and check-out using the iPad at the front desk -- a contactless option is available.

  • We will check the temperature of all people entering the space with a touch-free thermometer. Temperature must be 99.0 degrees or lower to enter. Individuals with a temperature of 99.1 degrees or higher are not permitted in the space and must stay home for at least 72 hours before returning.

  • All persons must complete a Daily Health Self-Check prior to every visit to Hub101.



  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant supplies are placed around the office for your use. Please do not throw away empty bottles. We will refill them. If possible, please use your own hand sanitizer, as supplies are difficult to obtain and quantity limits are still in place for many items.

  • Hub101 staff will clean and disinfect the most commonly touched surfaces every hour, on the hour.

  • The cleaning crew has returned to its Monday through Saturday nightly cleaning schedule.

  • Every classroom and conference room has a maximum occupancy, which is posted outside each room.

  • Property Management has serviced all the HVAC units at the properties, changed all the filters, and verified that all units are in good working condition.



  • One staff member will sit behind the front desk, per usual. Other staff will be located in Faculty Suite 109 to accommodate physical distancing

  • Staff will undergo daily temperature checks with non-contact thermometers before beginning work




Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for being an ongoing part of our member community! 

For assistance, please call us at (805) 493-3661 or email us at

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