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Odds are, you’ve come up with a handful of startup ideas over the years—maybe even hundreds. Now it’s time to do something with your ideas.


IdeaToDo is Hub101’s 14-week startup accelerator program that takes entrepreneurs from an early-stage or idea-stage startup, through validation and development, to launch.

IdeaToDo, equips experienced and burgeoning entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to launch or pivot business ventures. IdeaToDo is ideal for those who have identified a business idea but do not know how to start the process of business creation or are stuck and unable to move forward beyond early stage development. 


I’ve been working on my idea for a really long time, and I was completely stuck.

If it wasn’t for this course, I’m sure that I would still be stuck. This really has been life changing.


IdeaToDo Alum

HR Platform



Learn a framework to increase the chances of success, and identify a clear direction forward in the form of a phased plan

Idea-stage startups:

  • Develop a startup idea, articulate your value proposition, and create an MVP

  • Validate product-market fit

  • Develop a pitch deck and understand various fundraising options

  • And much more!


Early-stage startups:

  • Refine your business model, sharpen your value proposition, and gain traction

  • Strengthen your go-to-market strategy

  • Develop a financing strategy

  • And much more!

Learning a startup framework doesn’t guarantee long-term success, but it does increase the odds and magnitude of success for a new venture.


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Course Material

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itd web check.png

Learn a framework to increase the chances of  startup success, including:

Lean Startup

Business Model Innovation

Customer Development
MVP / Prototyping
Market Sizing & Metrics for Success
Competitor Analysis
Brand Identity & Storytelling
Go to Market Strategy
Investor Pitch Deck
Fundraising Strategy


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Meet mentors who will play a significant role in your entrepreneurial journey, including serial entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and industry professionals.


Our program's 1:1 mentor matching sessions enable you to identify a handful of mentors to support your entrepreneurial journey for the duration of the program, with the potential to continue beyond program's end.

Live Instruction

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Meet for weekly live sessions with the entire cohort


Schedule weekly office hours with the program instructor to dive deeper into your business and work through specific needs and challenges. 

Access course material through a learning management system.


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A 9-month, part-time coworking membership to Hub101.

Invitations to community events, socials, and other opportunities to network and connect with others.

IdeaToDo concludes with a Demo Day where you will present your startup to a curated audience of investors, mentors, partners, and other industry professionals.


Regardless of background, anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset can benefit from this program. You would be a great fit for this program if you:


  • Have a startup idea you want to test and launch

  • Have an early-stage startup you want to grow

  • Have a side hustle you want to level up 

  • Don't know where to start or feel stuck when it comes to developing or growing your business

  • Are committed to spending about 10 hours per week working on their business for the 14 weeks of the program

  • Want to participate in a unique opportunity to meet like-minded individuals (maybe even a future co-founder!) who are at a similar stage as them


  • Applications close: September 3

  • Program dates: September 10 - December 10

  • Weekly live sessions: Tuesdays from 4 - 6 PM (PT)

  • Format: virtual or in-person at Hub101

  • Office Hours: schedule with the program facilitator at your convenience

Program Fee*

  • Free to apply

  • Program fee includes a 9-month, part-time coworking membership to Hub101

  • Individual program fee: $999

  • Enrolled Cal Lutheran student: $399

  • Team pricing: If you're starting your venture with a partner(s), contact us about enrolling as a team.

  • Discount available for underrepresented entrepreneurs

* Program fee due upon acceptance into program. Payment plans available. 


IdeaToDo's lead facilitator is Kristin Bell. Kristin is Hub101's Program Manager and an entrepreneurship educator. Her expertise is developing and facilitating programs, including IdeaToDo, and helping entrepreneurs build and scale sustainable businesses. She works with 100s of entrepreneurs every year both in the U.S. and abroad. Read more.


The program's mentor matching enables entrepreneurs to meet various industry professionals, get feedback on their startups, and identify a program mentor to support the areas where they experience clear gaps.



Kristin is amazing. Very knowledgeable about the subject matter. She is very passionate about entrepreneurship and provides an incredible level of support. She also gives very insightful feedback on-the-spot. 


Brian & Annie, IdeaToDo Alum

I'm a lifetime learner and have taken many courses and coaching programs over the years, including those that cost $10K. What Kristin taught us in 14 weeks would be valued easily over that. I was so honored to be in this class.


Michele, IdeaToDo Alum


Dozens of startups have launched from IdeaToDo, including an HR platform for the unemployed and underemployed, an education technology platform for foster youth, an augmented note-taking platform, a community for mom entrepreneurs, a services consortium for non-profit organizations, a medical device for children, a healthcare services listing platform for the uninsured and underinsured, and many others.


This course is absolutely essential for any entrepreneur. The course content progresses each week as you build and strengthen your business. The online resources are super useful, and the mentor match up was an undeniably remarkable experience. We loved everything about it!


IdeaToDo Alum

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Turn your ideas into something more.


Author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin, said “The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.”

At Hub101, “Start Something” is a phrase we use often because we believe the willingness to try something new, even when it’s out of our comfort zones and the risk is high, is the first step toward greatness and impact.


We encourage our students and entrepreneurs to be curious, vulnerable, daring, and #StartSomething!

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