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Enjoy one of our multi-purpose creative spaces. At 700 square feet, these contemporary and modular classrooms in Westlake Village are the perfect size for meetings, workshops, masterminds, off-sites, design sprints, training sessions, and more.

Each multi-purpose creative classroom comes with free wifi, a desktop computer, a projector, speakers, whiteboards, and some bright colored walls to stimulate creativity and positivity. 

Additionally, the classrooms are Smart Classrooms and equipped with 360 Degree Owl cameras and Kaptivo whiteboard collaboration to enhance the virtual or hybrid meeting experience.

The classrooms are also furnished with modern, modular, and lightweight desks and chairs. Hub101’s classrooms have a capacity of 45 people classroom style. Our space has been used for events, panels, workshops, masterminds, startup design sprints, coaching sessions, focus groups, tutoring, classes, meetings, and more. Free parking is available around the entire building.

The classrooms can connect virtually with each other and are located adjacent to each other, so facilitators can easily move from room to room.

Hub101 is a place for experimentation, discovery, community, and growth, and this translates into our classrooms. Hub101’s multi-purpose creative classrooms enable you to foster a creative experience in a prime, convenient location. The spaces feature windows that span the length of the rooms, enabling natural light to shine in and invigorate your attendees. Window blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room.


You are more than welcome to view the space before booking!

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