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"The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer."

- Nolan Bushnell, Entrepreneur

A Doer is what we call our student interns because they help run Hub101.


Doers make things happen and get involved in anything and everything from creating content for social media and blogs, developing marketing ideas, organizing events, and so much more. Our Doers tap into their purpose, pursue their passions, and dive into the exhilarating world of innovation and entrepreneurship.


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Ina Marie Svanes is receiving an MBA with an emphasis in management. With her business degree and personal international experience, her dream is to work with international business and sustainability. She hopes to help startup businesses and established companies to implement their technology and services in developing countries. Thus, the life of such populations would be easier. Her goal is to give opportunities for companies everywhere.

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Elaine Vo

Elaine Vo is an undergraduate student at Cal Lutheran. She is majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in both Marketing and Entrepreneurship/Innovation, as well as a minor in Political Science. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in the fashion, tech, or publishing industry. However, her biggest goal is to establish her own sustainable clothing company one day.

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Emilie Dyroy is an international student from Norway. She's currently pursuing her graduate degree at Cal Lutheran, an MS in Management. In addition to being a Doer at Hub101, Emilie also runs marketing for Bergen Live, part of Live Nation.

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Connor Low is a Business Administration student with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. He is working on starting his own company and looks forward to networking with Hub members around Hub101. Connor is passionate about working on cars, hiking, and graphic design. He is interested in marketing as he also works for California Lutheran University’s student life, as their marketing intern.

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Rita Kokonian

Rita Kokonian is currently an undeclared major, though she plans on majoring in Art and minoring in Spanish. She loves doing art related activities in her free time, such as painting, drawing, and working in Adobe Illustrator. Rita’s goal after graduation is to have a career in the design field, and to have art and creativity be a part of her daily life. Last summer, she worked as a marketing and social media intern at a company named Trivessa, and she found 95 clients through Facebook, who needed assistance in growing their business.

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"I was a Hub101 Doer for two terms during my MBA.

I found my post-MBA job through Hub101 and even had the job lined up prior to graduation! I was hired as a Project Manager with a commercial construction management startup called Steady Solutions, which started at Hub101. 
I have since been promoted to Operations Manager, and I love what I do!

Hub101 offers so many benefits, but I'd say the most valuable are its welcoming environment, opportunity to connect with industry experts, and access to community events. 


I definitely encourage students and alumni to go check it out!

- Lorena Montoya Cáceres (MBA '21)

"As an international student from Norway, I've been a Hub101 Doer since I was an undergraduate student at Cal Lutheran, and I'm now pursuing my Master's Degree.


My favorite benefits of Hub101 are that it offers a great meeting spot for students who live off-campus, and it's a creative, collaborative space that students can use for club meetings, study sessions, workshops, etc.


There are also many internship opportunities through the companies that are Hub101 members, and lots of ways to get involved, including events like speaker series and Startup Weekends.

- Ina Svanes (MSIT '23)


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Derrick Thomas is a sophomore at Cal Lutheran University. He is majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Sport and Fitness Administration/Management. He has strong communication and problem solving skills. He is currently working on becoming a prominent figure in the sports business world. Derrick is passionate about working out, hanging out with friends, as well as reading. Derrick is excited to get involved with social media marketing at Hub101 and getting Hub101 to go viral.


Tamar Haddad is studying Music and Entrepreneurship as an International Women Leader. She has a degree in English Language and Literature. Tamar enjoys designing and implementing projects that develop leadership for Palestinians. Her accomplishments include participating in MEPI Student Leaders Program at Georgetown University, Harvard National MUN, Clinton Global Initiative, Korea’s Understanding the World Program, the German Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD), and the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women. She also wrote a book on leadership development in Palestine.


Maxim is double majoring in Business Administration and Multimedia. He is experienced in the digital marketing and project management space with a strong knowledge of content and strategy. Maxim continuously focuses on refining his skills and a learning-centered approach. Beyond his career he enjoys cars, real estate, and biking.


Lorena Montoya Cáceres is receiving an MBA with an emphasis in Information Technology. Lorena has extensive experience in business/data analysis, reporting, and finance. She is skilled at ensuring steady pace of project development, including making spontaneous decisions, managing emergencies. She is an investigative problem-solver, with an ability to be resourceful in identifying issues and solutions. Lorena enjoys couples kayaking with her husband, as well as yoga and meditation.

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Hannah Brock is a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. In the future, she wants to start a company that focuses on sustainability and promotes a green future. At Hub101, Hannah developed her marketing skills and has a good understanding of Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. She is continuously working to improve her skills and knowledge of these editing platforms. Hannah creates content for newsletters and print and digital advertisements, in addition to social media, including Instagram, Giphy, and TikTok. One of the gifs Hannah created has received over 16.8 million views.


Jake Haffner is a Business Administration student with an Entrepreneurship minor. He is the team captain for Cal Lutheran’s mens’ tennis team. In 2019, Jake won first place at the 2019 Conejo Valley Startup Weekend and second place at the Ojai D3 Tennis Tournament. Jake likes the stock market, sports, and traveling. He is interested in financial advising and wealth management as he interned for Thrivent Financial, in addition to Salesforce, customer service, and networking.


Taylor Beeson-Kent is getting her degree in Multimedia, with an emphasis in Graphic Design and an Art minor. She is a professional freelance photographer and Content Creator at Hub101 where she works on various platforms for assets such as our website, newsletters, social media, GIFs, flyers, and photography. Taylor also has experience as a Brand and Web Designer and is a Graphic Design and Marketing Intern at the Cal Lutheran School of Management. She enjoys all types of visual art and design and would love to pursue a career in any of these areas.

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Joel Obuobisa majoring in Business Admin with an emphasis in marketing. Joel is from the East Bay, California. Joel is interested in videography and likes to film and edit videos. His skills include Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, various content management systems, and social media marketing. At Hub101, Joel likes meeting the members, attending the events, and creating videos for the coworking space.

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Divya Dattu Subhedar is receiving a Master’s Degree in Information Technology (Data Analytics). Divya is a process-oriented data analyst and scientist who is passionate about data-informed decision making. Divia hopes to help IT companies grow by providing the insights and statistics needed to help guide decision making. She is interested in working in business intelligence, data visualization, story telling, Information Technology, project management, and programming for data science.

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Alana Grey is a Multimedia major with an emphasis in HD Cinema. She likes to be creative through drawing, writing scripts, editing videos, and creating print or video graphics. Recently, she has delved into Adobe After Effects and its software to further enhance her work. Alana’s accomplishments include entering Cal Lutheran’s 2018 annual 48 Hour Film Jam where she and her group won first prize. Upon graduating from Cal Lutheran, Alana hopes to work in production design, video editing, graphic design, social media, or marketing.

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Leilani Querubin is a Biology major. She completed a 280-hour program at St. John's Medical Center as a Health Scholar and an internship at LINK Entertainment. The immense experience Leilani gained from her various jobs and internships has helped her become a well-rounded and dedicated hard worker. Despite studying biology, she wants to pursue her passion in the music and entertainment industry, which her internship at LINK Entertainment taught her a lot about.

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Thea Holtlund Jacobsen is double majoring in Marketing Communications and Global Studies and minoring in Business Administration. Thea manages Hub101’s blog and social media and various national events of the National Board for Norwegian students in the U.S. Thea also works as a Marketing Intern for an insurance company and a News Editor for the Echo, Cal Lutheran’s student publication. She is skilled in content creation, social media development, marketing campaigns, event planning, and business relations.

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Praneeth Krishna is receiving a Master’s Degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in Cybersecurity. His greatest achievements include projects with microcontrollers, robotics, and coding for vending machines. Praneeth also worked for an NGO. A fun fact about Praneeth is that he has a brown belt in Kung-fu. Praneeth wishes to become a Cybersecurity Engineer—most specifically, a hacking and risk analyst.

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Tyler Snelson is a Business Administration student with an emphasis in marketing. He is the Senior Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi (the Professional Business Fraternity) on campus. He is also the owner of his own company, Confined Hype, which specializes in outsourcing limited fashion, technology, software, and other tangible goods. Aside from all of that, he enjoys watching baseball, reading, hiking, and ultimate frisbee. 

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Johann Dias is a Physics major. His hobbies include socializing, reading, gaming, and making art. He is known for his comic illustrations all over the whiteboards at Hub101. To Johann, the ideal employer after graduation is himself.


Shipra received an Master's Degree, MSIT ('22) from Cal Lutheran. During her time at Hub101, she was a community relations coordinator where she fostered community engagement and networking opportunities by interacting with entrepreneurs, industry professionals, investors, community groups, and students and improved her understanding of business development.


Chloe Rodriguez is a junior at California Lutheran University, majoring in multimedia with a concentration in Web Design. Chloe manages Hub101's social media, including creating video content,  keeping up with trends, and has been instrumental in growing our Instagram. Aside from designing clothes and watching television, she enjoys Disney movies, baking, and traveling.


Madison Barbello

Madison Barbello is a sophomore with a major in communications. She is currently working on getting her real estate license and also helps the CLU Men’s Basketball program with their social media posts. She is in the process of starting up her own social media management company and is looking forward to the opportunity to network with Hub101 members. In her downtime, she enjoys spending her time volunteering at a Los Angeles dog rescue and going out with friends.

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