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Join us for Demo Day 2024

Tuesday, January 9

4:00 - 6:00 PM (PT) at Hub101

This Demo Day is a showcase of the startups from our Fall 2023 Cohort.


Meet the founders, learn about their startups, and network with the startup community!

Meet the Startups

  • Dobbie Care: a platform connecting families to a network of elder & special needs care providers on-demand, from anywhere and at anytime.

  • eQuilibrynt: offers tailored project management, business intelligence, and quality control services to optimize operational efficiency and strategic decision-making in clinical trials.

  • frequency: a next-generation federated social network that gives users choice and control over what they see; no tracking, ad targeting, or divisive content to drive engagement.

  • Harvest: a backyard-farm marketplace that brings the freshest, most flavorful produce directly from local farmers' backyards to your table.

  • HomeBuddies: a platform that connects international students with elderly homeowners to tackle loneliness and lack of resources.

  • Later Life Living: a platform where older adults and their families go to find customized guidance and the trusted professionals they need.

  • mEYEvu Interactive: integrating consumer products and AI to uplift people. Launching with a portable, smart mirror that delivers personalized messages and affirmations

  • Moxzey: a mission-driven organization the equips underrepresented professionals with the tools to confidently negotiate compensation and earn what they are worth.

  • Supernova Academy Incorporated: harnessing the power of AI, AR, and VR technology to bring an innovative medical training platform to lifelong learners around the world.

Turn your ideas into something more.


Author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin, said “The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.”

At Hub101, “Start Something” is a phrase we use often because we believe the willingness to try something new, even when it’s out of our comfort zones and the risk is high, is the first step toward greatness and impact.


We encourage our students and entrepreneurs to be curious, vulnerable, daring, and #StartSomething!

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