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Values and Ventures Competition

Here at Hub101, we cherish and support young entrepreneurs, and we’re lucky to have a few of our own “doers” who are passionate about entrepreneurship. Every year, Texas Christian University holds The Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures Business Plan Competition. This competition differs from other business plan competitions because it is focused on for-profit enterprises that fulfil an environmental or societal need, as well as being profitable. Undergraduate students from all over the country apply to compete for prize money. This year, over 55 universities from across the world competed in the competition. The teams were split up into seven different flights where they competed against each other for a spot in the final competition.

This year, one of Hub101’s very own doers, Evan Brandt, a business student at California Lutheran University, had the opportunity to compete in the Values and Ventures Business Plan competition. The actual competition took place at Texas Christian University this April. “We pitched a 12 minute deck with 8 minutes of questions against the teams in our flight. The winner of each flight went to the finals. The others then competed in an elevator pitch competition,” Brandt said, “My team and our advisers felt extremely strong about our pitch. The teams in the finals were doing things like: fighting breast cancer in third-world countries, helping people with asthma in cold climates, and helping poor families with an autistic child”. Brandt and his teammate also spent the weekend sightseeing and exploring the TCU campus. “Overall it was a fantastic experience. We had the opportunity to meet profound startup founders, learn from countless advisers, and experience everything Fort Worth had to offer”.

California Lutheran University’s dean of the School of Management, Dr. Gerhard Apfelthaler, commented on Brandt’s acceptance to compete in this years competition, “I am not only impressed by the fact that Evan Brandt qualified for the competition, but I’m also proud that he is the one representing Cal Lutheran’s School of Management. There could be no better brand ambassador,” Apfelthaler said, “he is a wonderful example of the Cal Lutheran entrepreneurship student – he keeps his eyes on the stars, and his feet on the ground. He’ll definitely go places.” The winner of the competition could potentially take home $25,000 to use toward their business venture. Each year the TCU host’s more and more universities and undergraduate students due to the high rise in applicants.

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