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Imagine you’re driving to lunch on a perfectly sunny day. As you start your engine, the dashboard lights up: you need a new battery. You get your car to start, but need to find an auto repair shop - pronto. You open your phone and hop on an app. Instead of looking for an affordable, highly rated mechanic, the app has auto mechanic shops compete for your business. Et voila, before lunch is over, you’ve chosen which mechanic has offered you the best bid for your car’s update.

Participants mingle in Hub101’s meditation patio.

That’s the platform FIXN envisioned with their solution to a common problem that earned first place at Startup Weekend Conejo Valley that took place March 29-31st, 2019. Overall, the weekend was a big hit! Eighty-three percent of participants who responded to our survey reported a 9-10 “would recommend” net promoter score of Startup Weekend. How our “schedule was followed to a T” might have contributed 😉. Our weekend facilitator, Greg Monterrosa, worked his way to a fetch 9.7 score and a “Greg’s energy is off the charts!” comment in our follow-up survey 🔥.

As in previous years, Startup Weekend was hosted at Hub101, California Lutheran University’s Center for Entrepreneurship. Good thing, as one comment put it: “Everyone at Hub101 was incredibly generous with their time and expertise…” more stuff about going above and beyond and, “Fantastic minds and great hearts.” All I can say is you should have been there 😉.

This year’s event unveiled two new elements, thanks to the organizing team, including Michael Panesis, Bryan and Erick Went, Doug Parker and Greg Monterrosa. Each team presented to:

1. an all-female judging panel. Our impressive panel of judges included Payal Kamdar, Alexis Schomer, Nathalie Gosset, Emily Barany and Jennifer Buzza: all local founders and leaders.

Judge Jennifer Buzza tests the presenting team’s prototype.

2. center of the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, which was a great move to attract attention from the local community wandering the mall and to raise awareness for entrepreneurship, community, and the spirit of getting it done!

Second place was awarded to LifeLeaf, a business emphasizing the benefits of the Himalayan Moringa plant and whose 4 founders were all Jr. High and High school students. Judges gave third place to ASIS, a green-tech company introducing a composting appliance to solve the global food waste dilemma. The startup idea Cover Card won an honorable mention at the Sunday award ceremony held at the Oaks Mall.

Winning team, FIXN, standing with judge Alexis Schomer at the awards ceremony held at the Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks.

In the survey comments you filled out after the weekend, there was quite a buffet of food mentions, so the food clearly made an impression.

“The meals offered an opportunity to network, making the experience richer.” However, in response to some comments, next year we will provide more options for the gluten-free Sally’s and the vegan Joe’s out there 🥙🥞

The ultimate comment award went to the attendee who won our hearts with appreciation, “Thank you to the judges and mentors, volunteers (and) attendees. Venue was GREAT! Keep up the great work!”

Or maybe this first-timer wins the comment award, “This was my first Startup Weekend and it was perfect thanks to where it was and who hosted it!” The intern Do-er Matt got a shout-out, too, “Matthew on the morning team was super friendly and helpful.” Yeah, he wakes up like that.

Ultimately, Hub101’s vision for 2019’s Startup Weekend was achieved through the dynamic and creative ideas of everyone who participated.

Congratulations to the teams who were awarded and for those who progressed their existing ideas! What I learned this weekend? That if there’s not an app for that, there should be 🚗🤳. Scroll below for a Startup Weekend slideshow:

Hub101 Operated by California Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, community, and mentorship for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers. #StartSomething

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