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By Thea Holtlund Jacobsen Rosie Baker is a junior at California Lutheran University and majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising, and a minor in Creative Writing. She grew up in England before moving to California with her family. At the moment, Baker is working on publishing her own book, “Mirrors and Windows.” The book is about self-growth and how to envision and reach your goals.

“The book is written in two sections: mirrors and windows. Mirrors is about using role models and mentors and is based on interviews I have done with empowering women. The windows side is more about using envisioning to think about your own future. I’ve looked at people who have used these strategies and been successful in doing so,” Baker said.

Cal Lutheran University student Rosie Baker is working on publishing her own book, “Mirrors and Windows.”

Last summer, Baker was contacted on LinkedIn by a Georgetown professor who asked her if she would want to write a book. The professor had started this program as a part of his entrepreneurship class at Georgetown. Writing a book was one of Baker’s big dreams, so she happily accepted the offer.

“After explaining the process to me, he asked if I would like to be part of it and I told him I would love to,” Baker said.

In September last year, Baker officially started writing her book and working with her editor. Baker interviewed people, reviewed TED Talks and gathered information and research to support her ideas. In February of this year, Baker handed in her first manuscript to her publisher who gave her the green light. From there, she started her fundraising and promotional campaign, and in April she began revising her book.

“I’m currently going through the cover selection process, and then in July, I will have a book published,” Baker said. “It is a very exciting process.”

When she is not working on her book, Baker is working for Her Campus - an online magazine primarily for female college students.

At the moment, Baker spends most of her free time writing. When she is not working on her book or writing for work, Baker is the Writing and Senior Editor for the Cal Lutheran Her Campus Chapter, which is something she wants to continue doing next semester.

“I don’t know exactly what I want to do when I graduate, but I do know that I enjoy writing. I have an on-campus job where I write a blog and do the social media for financial planning with the School of Management, which has been a real eye-opener for me. I’ve learned a lot about financial planning, and writing in a different way,” Baker said.

Additionally, Baker recently accepted an internship with a digital strategy consulting company where she manages social media, including creating content for various clients’ social media profiles. These experiences have made Baker consider a future job within social media marketing or writing.

“Mirrors and Windows” can be ordered online until Sunday, May 17th.

“This experience has been a real eye-opener. I have learned so much about creating my own product while also connecting with other people. This process is very hard, and it is an underestimated process. When you do reach out to people they generally have a good reaction and get excited for you, even people you don’t know that well, which is very lovely and surprising,” Baker said.

In terms of creating something of her own, Baker has come to realize that there is a lot more work that goes into the process than what she thought. Despite the challenges she has faced, she has found the work to be very rewarding and recommends everyone within the world of entrepreneurship to try to focus on the end goal.

“Trying to raise the funds for this campaign, especially during a pandemic, has been challenging. It has just made me realize what people who have their own business and who are entrepreneurs go through on a daily basis,” Baker said. “During the process, I have had moments where I felt very down and did not really believe that this could happen. But, you know, I keep thinking about that end goal of having my book in my hand in a few months’ time and other people actually reading it and it helping them.”

Rosie Baker is hoping to use her writing experience to help others through her book.

Baker said her main reason for writing this book is her wish to help others. She believes that women especially go through unique journeys to reach their goals, and that people have much to learn from the women she has interviewed. Baker believes everyone has something they are working towards, and it is always useful to receive some advice on how to get there.

“My book is mainly about how to reach your goals, which is something that can be applied to anyone, regardless of gender or where you are in life. If you don’t know what you want to do, or if you’re a student, or if you want to lose weight or if you want a better relationship with your family, there is something in it for everyone,” Baker said.

Baker said she has learned a lot from writing her book and values the experience of learning how to create her own product while also connecting with other people.

The book will be published at the end of July this year, but Baker said she needs people’s help to have her book printed. The goal for the campaign was originally $8,000, but it has now been set to $4,000. Currently, Baker has achieved 36% of the sales she needs to get her book published and is hopeful that people see the value in her work.

The book is available here, and can be ordered up until Sunday, May 17th.

“I believe my book can really help people be successful in doing whatever they want to accomplish and learn how to envision that goal and how to get there,” Baker said.

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