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Launching a Startup in the Conejo Valley

As our community knows, the Conejo Valley is a truly spectacular place to launch a startup.

While the startup scene can be perceived as somewhat quiet on this side of Ventura and Los Angeles counties, that view is quite contrary to what’s going on just beneath the surface. The reality is the Conejo Valley is an environment with a rich history of startup success, and multiple groups today are putting all of their time and energy into converting the Conejo Valley into a place known for its rich culture of entrepreneurship. Now is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the abundance of resources being pooled together to make the Conejo Valley a premier region for startups.

One past obstacle to startups is the area’s past history with relatively unconnected startups. Entrepreneurs need not fear too much, though, because meetup groups like 805Startups, Startup Heroes, Conejo Valley New Tech, The Westlake Village Data Science group and spaces such as Hub101 are working to facilitate the necessary connections and build the vital infrastructure for this kind of community. There are easily locatable mentor networks, active local groups, and through Hub101 a well-established coworking space paired with programs and events. It is also worth noting that while the Conejo Valley is cheaper than living in L.A., it is still a relatively affluent area with a higher cost of living than some other places. However, by investing in a place to live within the Conejo Valley, you truly get what you pay for in the form of excellent neighbors and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

When it comes to regional strengths for building a startup, the Conejo Valley has an abundance of social, environmental, and professional resources just waiting to be utilized. In fact, local city governments for the area have made a point to create a startup-friendly environment through initiatives carried out by the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce. Case in point: any business operating within the Conejo Valley does not have to pay into a business licensing tax. This demonstrates just how ready and willing the community of the Conejo Valley is to work with startups. There is clear, visible support from local businesses, as well as cross-pollination of ideas with other niche communities. With an educated adult population and plenty of international cultural diversity represented within the demographics of the area, startups should be just as excited about working with the talent residing in the Conejo Valley. Area residents are often talented people who are drawn to large-scale opportunities in Los Angeles but still want the comfortable lifestyle of a clean, friendly suburb. These are people who see the benefit of having easy access to the city via the Metrolink or their own cars, but also love the outdoor activities, variety of upscale grocery store and excellent public schools to be found in the Conejo Valley.

Not convinced yet? Consider the close proximity of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). With a major airport in close driving distance, national and international travel is easy to plan and make accommodations for. There are even shuttle systems which will ferry people to and from the Conejo Valley to LAX so they can catch a flight without needing to worry about parking. This is the type of major asset any startup should value, as it makes connecting with others a whole lot easier. But resources for startups don’t begin and end in Los Angeles. There are an abundance of professional networking and meetup groups which actively meet in places throughout the Conejo Valley. With this type of networking infrastructure, finding and recruiting talent is effortlessly in reach for any budding entrepreneur. It is clearly not difficult to find extraordinary freelance developers, designers, and other agencies.

Simply put, the Conejo Valley is a place full of opportunities for any entrepreneur willing to act ahead of the curve and seek them out. The best thing a startup can do right now is to get in on the positive energy and action bursting from within this community, and play a part in the area’s Startup and Entrepreneurial eco-system.

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