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IdeaToDo Winter 2022 Cohort Demo Day Recap

On January 17, 2023, our IdeaToDo Winter 2022 Cohort celebrated Demo Day and showcased their startups for the first time.

IdeaToDo is Hub101's 14-week program that takes entrepreneurs from a startup idea, through validation and development, to launch.

Demo Day is a celebration event and a showcase of the founders and the progress they've made over the last few months. It's also the first time they've presented their startups to a large audience. Many of these founders are now on the road to fundraising. Demo Day is also an opportunity for the community to hear the startups pitch, meet the founders, and network with others in the startup community.

The event took place in a hybrid format, and we had about 45 people in person at Hub101, and another 35 people online on the event platform Hopin.

Meet the startups:


Founded by Yue Ning

Librico is an NFT-powered read-to-earn ebook platform that creates a better publishing and marketing experience for authors and a community-based reading experience for readers. Librico rewards readers for the time and effort they put into identifying books that they are interested in and for sharing book recommendations to fellow readers. Librico supports authors by enabling them to connect with their buyer base early, and validate their book with its target market to remove the guessing game.

MMA BetClub

Founded by Joe Aburdene

MMA BetClub is building and entertaining a community of MMA fans while enabling smarter and more responsible gambling through simulation. MMA BetClub targets the casual MMA fan and provides original content and historical top performer data for research. Additionally, it enables users to compete against friends, track their performance, and test out strategies without/before risking real money.

ECOSYS Health Hub

Founded by Raveendra Babu Darsi

ECOSYS Health Hub is a digital healthcare platform that centralizes patient health information to streamline the patient experience. ECOSYS Health Hub set out to solve the data silo problem in health care -- there are separate apps for everything, such as finding in-network doctors, scheduling appointments, viewing benefits, making payments, viewing medical records, etc. ECOSYS Health Hub aims to bring all of that information into one place for the patient.


Founded by Christiana Clancy

XIANA is a white-label blockchain service for luxury publishers and brands to collaborate to provide a highly curated and incentivized user experience. Product transactions can be permanently tracked through blockchain, rewarding brands with cascading royalties and accurate, secondary market data across platforms. XIANA aims to create a user experience where viewers visit a site, read their favorite articles, engage with their favorite brands, and earn lavish rewards, all without receiving irrelevant, intrusive pop up ads.

Congratulations to all of the teams for completing IdeaToDo, making significant progress on their startups, and launching at a community event! Interested in putting your startup or idea through our incubator program? Check out our IdeaToDo program and stay tuned for when applications open for our next cohort.

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