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Hub101's IdeaToDo Program Demo Day Recap

Last week, on Tuesday, June 7th, we hosted Demo Day, a celebration and showcase of the startups in our IdeaToDo incubator/accelerator program.

IdeaToDo is Hub101's 14-week program that takes entrepreneurs from a startup idea, through validation and development, to launch.

Demo Day is a culmination event for the entrepreneurs as they embark on their journey as startup founders, many of them on the road to fundraising. It is also an opportunity for the community to meet the founders, learn about their startups, view product demos, and network with the startup community.

The event took place in a hybrid format, and we had about 45 people in person at Hub101, and another 50 people online, via the event platform Airmeet.

You can watch the Demo Day replay here (you may need to create a login).

The startups that presented were:


Founded by Martha Gamboa

Frendii is a wellness and social platform for women over 50. As life changes, friends move away, you retire, you become an empty nester. You may seek new friends, but it can be hard to make new friends. Frendii aims to solve this by providing a community where women can meet in person, connect, and make friends, both online and through in-person social outings.


Founded by Freddie Ranieri

Splitcoin is an offline, self-custody solution for crypto users. The seed phrase storage challenge has been solved. Splitcoin provides a user-friendly, offline, self-custody solution that digitally splits and stores encrypted private keys for millions of blockchain wallet users worldwide. Using military-grade encryption, AES 256, Splitcoin performs multiple encryptions on your secret, splits it into multiple pieces, and stores it in a distributed fashion with encryption keys across your coins, making it a multi-key cold storage solution.


Founded by Staci DePatie

GLUKI is a gamified education platform for children with Type 1 Diabetes. GLUKI provides various games that teach skills related to diabetes, such as insulin intake, carb counting, nutritional value of food and balanced meals. The goal is through understanding the science behind T1D, and connecting with others within the T1D community, children with T1D and their parent(s)/caretakers will be empowered to make better decisions.


Founded by Melody Clark

Dutch is a social connection platform focused on removing implicit bias. Dutch enables users to connect with real people, in real time, and to show up in a way that is authentic. Users are encouraged to learn about and connect with people from different backgrounds and life experiences through self assessments and gamification elements.


Founded by Sarah Zavala

Zavvaly is a smart, safety ring consumer product. 70% of women fear walking outside in the US due to fearing being assaulted. And 91% of phone users feel safer when on their phones due to the ability to get help if necessary. Zavvaly aims to provide a smart, safety ring with a connected app that enables women to seek help when they are in situations where they feel unsafe.

Congratulations to all of the teams for completing IdeaToDo, making significant progress on their startups, and launching at a community event!

Interested in putting your startup or idea through our incubator program? Check out our IdeaToDo program. Applications for the next cohort open in August 2022.

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