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Hub101 Community Manager Greg Monterrosa Joins the Board of Trustees for the Conejo/Las Virgenes Fut

Recently, our very own Greg Monterrosa joined the board of trustees for the Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation. Similarly to Hub101, this foundation is focused on fostering the Conejo/Las Virgenes area and launching it into a brighter future. It hones in on community engagement through programs and projects to meet the demands of the growing community.

CLVFF leaders Jeff Rubin and Jill Lederer believe adding Greg Monterrosa to the CLVFF Board of Trustees will further help the organization prosper. “We are beyond thrilled to have Greg joining the CLVFF as a new board member. Someone of Greg’s character, knowledge and enthusiasm for not only the community but giving back and providing such valuable input and his true entrepreneurial approach will go a long way in the betterment of our communities both current and long term” said Director of Community Services at City of Calabasas, Jeff Rubin, who was pleased with the new addition of Greg to CLVFF.

We were so happy when Greg agreed to join the Conejo Las Virgenes Future Foundation Board of Directors. This organization has been built on a history of young innovative leaders stepping up to make the Conejo Valley a better place and that description fits Greg Monterrosa perfectly. Cal Lutheran recognized Greg’s talents when they hired him for the Hub101 campus and the Future Foundation is the beneficiary of that!” said Jill Lederer, President and CEO of The Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, who nominated Greg. Both leaders believe Greg will come in and make an immediate impact on the organization, which Greg is keen on applying his talents to CLVFF. “I am excited and honored to sit on a board that has a long history of supporting our amazing region.” said Greg Monterrosa.

There is a strong connection between the California Lutheran University and Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation dating back in 1972, when the organization was founded by the first president of California Lutheran University, Dr. Raymond Olson. California Lutheran University has maintained that connection over the years by continuing to keep the tradition with President Chris Kimball, who currently is a member of CLVFF. Adding Greg Monterrosa into the mix will continue to strengthen the bond between CLU and CLVFF. Thus, creating a powerhouse within the Conejo Valley community by investing in the youth to the elderly, college students, and startup companies. The combination of California Lutheran University, Hub101 and Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation will continue to impact the area by growing a thriving ecosystem that caters to all populations within the community.

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