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How can Hub101 benefit you as a student?

Hub101 is a space operated by California Lutheran University where startups, programmers, developers come together to seek guidance and progress forward with their ideas and companies. Here we pride ourselves on our innovation, collaboration and overall creativity. These are just a few ways you can grow by becoming a member today!

Problem solving skills

Coming up with solutions to different and all sorts of problems is one the most useful techniques that you will be able to practice in this space. Trial and error are a part of everyone’s life, learning to deal with errors and finding alternative solutions will aid you in all aspects of your life.

Team work experience

Working with numerous people with different and diverse perspectives can be rough. Coming up with ways appeal your point of view can also be tough. Gaining experience on how to think and take risks as a team is very valuable, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to step up to the plate.


This is the perfect safe zone for you to explore what you are passionate about and we have just the right people to show you the way. It is imperative that as students we learn practically and not just from a textbook. No one here will ever try to confine you or your way thinking but, rather encourage you to think and embody your own unique attributes.

Coffee, ping-pong and photo booths

We always have coffee to keep you awake so you can keep working hard, a ping pong table to keep you active and laughing and two photo booths to capture moments with all your new friends and memories. What more could you want possibly want?



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