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Startups are the type of business on everyone’s mind right now. From Snapchat to Spotify to Facebook, people look forward to what the next great startup will bring. Oftentimes, students even aspire to work for one of the big Silicon Valley startups they see changing the world on a daily basis. However, at Cal Lutheran there is now an even better way to get involved in the startup scene!

Instead of waiting until after graduation to change the world with your idea, join CLU’s very own breed of entrepreneurial students in bringing ideas to life on campus with StartUpCLU!

StartUpCLU is a startup incubator program for Cal Lutheran students.

An incubator program is a cohort of individuals with stellar business ideas who just need a little help and mentorship to get off the ground running. StartUpCLU is an incubator program run by students, for students which will equip you with all the support and mentorship necessary to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.

By attending meetings once per week, you can launch and grow your idea. No idea is a bad idea; we just want to see passion!

Students involved in the StartUpCLU program have won over $15,000 in prizes at startup competitions within just the past twelve months. This is a program for the doers of the world, the students who want to take their academic knowledge and translate it into life-changing, real-world success. This is the program to elevate your entrepreneurship game to the next level.

For more information or to sign up for the mentor-driven program, Visit us at

This program was launched by the Cal Lutheran Entrepreneurship Club, and because we know business skills can come from all academic disciplines, all majors are welcomed.

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