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Updated: Nov 19, 2021

We're excited to announce the launch of a New Site for Ventura County Innovation.

The amount of innovation coming out of Ventura County may seem surprising...unless you live here, because to us it feels normal. Sure, we have huge names like Amgen, Patagonia, Trade Desk, and Aerovironment, along with a bunch of game changing powerhouses you may not know, yet.

We do not like to boast, maybe because we cherish the desirable balance of high growth companies and a deep talent pool of researchers, makers, designers, and doers.

Today, we are announcing a new website that showcases Ventura County’s unique assets and narratives about what this community can build and produce for the world. The new website, with your participation, will also be a place to find and share local events that bring us together.

Check out the new Ventura County website, share with your network, and post your upcoming events, so we can further build the vibrancy of our community.

The website was created through the collaboration of Ventura County leaders, in partnership with the Alliance for SoCal Innovation, that sought to showcase the creative energy of startups combined with the resources of market leaders within a diverse range of industries.

The Ventura County Leadership Group includes:

  • Mike Panesis, Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, Cal Lutheran University

  • Kristin Bell, Community Manager, Hub101

  • Brick Conners, City Manager, Port Hueneme

  • Alon Goren,, Founding Partner, Draper Goren Holm

  • Ben Kuo, Founder, Editor, and Publisher of

  • Gary Livingston, President, 805 Startups

  • Bryan Went, CEO, Matter Labs & Fathomwerx

  • Georg Winkler, Economic Development Coordinator, City of Camarillo

  • Estelle Bussa, Economic Development Manager, City of Ventura

About Hub101

Hub101 is a coworking space and startup incubator that helps entrepreneurs build and grow sustainable businesses. Hub101 offers a space to create, launch, and grow, including coworking, meeting rooms, private offices, and an event space. Hub101’s programs equip startups with the education, tools, and resources needed to validate startup ideas, refine business models, and launch ventures; and its mentorship program and community-building events provide entrepreneurs with perspective, guidance, and valuable connections. Learn more at


About The Center

California Lutheran University’s Steven Dorfman Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is dedicated to the study and the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in both academic and real-world settings. The Center uses the latest teaching techniques to educate undergraduate and graduate students, and it supports local startup ecosystems through programs, events, and other resources. Learn more at


About The Alliance for SoCal Innovation

The Alliance for Southern California Innovation (the “Alliance”) is a not for profit formed in 2017 that has successfully brought together the heft of Southern California’s top research institutions, local business leaders, and world-class advisors to focus on bridging critical gaps in the SoCal innovation ecosystem. The goal of the Alliance is to engage and unify SoCal’s compelling diversity of talent, ideas, and perspectives in order to optimize the conditions for the region’s innovators to bring breakthroughs to the world.

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