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I began my sophomore year desperate for a job and concerned I wouldn’t be able to find something I would enjoy doing. In the midst of my search, I received an email from Hub101, a year after applying for the job, and thought “hey I may as well interview and see what they have to offer." This has to be the best decision of my sophomore year. What I found at Hub101 was more than just a campus job, I found community and a space that’s always ready to welcome you home even if you haven’t claimed it yet.

The moment I knew I was supposed to be at Hub101 was after a conversation I had with my dad about my job. We were talking about all that I wanted to get out of it and achieve from working here, the next day I went into work and my boss, Greg Monterrosa, came over to me to talk about some plans for things I could do at Hub101; it was as if he was repeating exactly what I had just talked to my dad about, almost word for word. In that moment, I was like “yeah, okay, I’m in the right place.”

Hub101 became a home for me. I feel welcomed and valued here. The atmosphere is always so positive, and I can count on going to work and leaving in a better mood than when I came in. Everyone is always excited about what you can bring to the table and are ready to throw ideas around and listen to what you have to say.

A very important part of Hub101 is the community. I’ve met so many great people here that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and I can’t put into words how thankful I am to have met the people I have here. You can find the most interesting people wandering around Hub101 any day of the week, willing to have a conversation with you or give you the friendly smile you needed for the day.

It’s been interesting learning my job description around here. People will ask what I do, and I won’t have a definite answer because in your time here, you kind of do it all which is part of what I love about working here.

Part of my job is doing what I love most: film making. I came into Hub101, was asked what I’m passionate about, and was given a job that focused on that. It’s the perfect job for college because it gives me a place to practice what I love doing while growing and connecting with people. I’m so thankful to be given the opportunity to grow my passion… and get paid to do it!

Hub101 is a place of community and positivity. My sophomore year would have been so different without my job here and the connections I’ve made. I owe so much to Hub101 and I’m excited to see what else I can accomplish and start throughout my time here!



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