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By Molly Strawn-Hub101 Staff

1. Networking

You're never going to get clients sitting in your pajamas at home and honestly, one cup of coffee at your local coffee shop is really no excuse to set up a printer, desktop computer and 20 foot tall telephone pole. In a coworking space, you are able to connect more with people running at your same speed, not just baristas who really could care less about your projects. Other solo-preneurs are having the same exact problems you are. Networking helps to both diversify opinions on solutions, find you business partners, and even find clients when you get into full swing.

2. It's just more professional

I'm not so sure your co-founder would really enjoy talking (more like yelling) over baristas screaming out how Molly ordered a non-fat chai latte with extra foam. And not too many people are going to want to invite business partners over to their own home too often either. A coworking space allows you to hold more professional-status meetings complete with limited distractions, formal conference tables and chairs, and, most importantly, peace and quiet. No more blending personal and professional life, or raising your voice over the hustle and bustle of your city coffee shop.

3. The free food. And free stuff in general.

I'm not kidding. Free food is a big reason why people are often drawn to events and coworking out of local business hubs. For some reason, every party planner on Earth over-orders food. The leftovers from just one major event could feed a family of 4 for a week. Most of it just ends up in fridges or freezers for the vultures. That means you. Put your mind to it and you will never go hungry in a co-working space. And sometimes you get ad materials, free printing, or even sample products for yourself just for being around. How 'bout that.

4. Restore a work/life balance

Entrepreneurs who work from home are often drawn to television, their significant other, their children, or even the refrigerator when they are supposed to be getting more work done. Working out of home or even a coffee shop often makes it difficult to focus and be as productive as possible. Coming to a co-working space is like coming to work; it is separate from your personal life and will help you stay more focused and more productive with your time.

5. It motivates you to be better

Being around constant success and seeing your fellow entrepreneurs move onto the next stages of incubating their company can be wildly motivating. At home or in a coffee shop, there is a very rare chance that your work will be seen around the work of another entrepreneur. Being in a co-working space will expose you to both the success and struggles of many companies, helping you to be more motivated to work harder towards success.

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