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4 Reasons Co-Working at Hub101 Rocks

At Hub101 we strive to provide a professional and wholesome work environment for entrepreneurs of all professions. Whether you’re working your own startup company, or are in need of a productive work space to collaborate with others, Hub101 wants to help you out. Here are five reasons why co-working at Hub101 rocks.


“Birds of a feather, flock together”. Community is an important part of any aspect of life, but surrounding yourself with people who are working on similar goals can help you and your work ethic immensely. Nothing works unless you do and having the support of others can assure you that you will never have to go through any project alone. At Hub101, networking is another benefit to being a part of a community. Businesses and companies from all around Westlake Village come to collaborate and build new ideas. This gives you the opportunity for you to grow your professional network and make connections with other people and businesses.


Hub101 offers countless resources to make coworking with other entrepreneurs easier than ever. Private work spaces, desks, and conference rooms can accommodate a wide range of different projects, big or small. Our large workspace provides the opportunity to directly connect with a variety of community members such as Designers, Developers, Engineers, and VCs. We also offer amenities such as freshly brewed coffee, a ping pong table for work breaks, and 24/7 access to the building for members who need to work quietly at any hour of the day.


We know how inconvenient it is when you’re at the peak of a creative streak and it’s interrupted by buffering internet, so at Hub101 we provide the fastest WiFi in town, ensuring that the little rainbow circle that eternally spins never gets in the way of any creative genius. Our easily accessible and fast WiFi ensures that your work environment continues to be as productive as possible and problem free.


Becoming more environmentally friendly is one of Hub101’s goals, so we offer a free bike share program. Through this program, members are able to rent bikes from Hub101 and use them however they please. Not only does the bike program help cut down on everyone’s ecological footprint, it promotes maintaining an active lifestyle and can be a nice break for when you’re dealing with stress during the work day. After all, who doesn’t want to take advantage of the always sunny SoCal weather while riding a bike?

Operated by California Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, community and mentorship for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers. #StartSomething



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