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Each TWAH workshop is taught by experts to help you explore, learn, and build new skills! 

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Alejandro Guzman

Alejandro Guzman is Freelance Graphic Designer and Animator in the Thousand Oaks area. He is a 2020 CLU graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Multimedia. Navigating his post-grad life through the global pandemic, he has done digital work for restaurants, non-profit organizations, entertainers, and a wide variety of other industries.You can find him on his website or social media.

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Desserin Pereyra

Desserin Pereyra is a business coach that helps small service-based businesses and non-profit organizations develop business strategies and wellness programs. She is a US Army Veteran and holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Bohol, Philippines in 2003. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership and is currently completing her Executive MBA.

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Alexis Schomer

Alexis Schomer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems through innovation. She graduated from Cal Lutheran where she co-founded her first tech startup. Alexis has been recognized as a business owner by the City of Santa Barbara, the Camarillo City Council, the California State Legislature, and the US Congress; and was awarded the Emerging Business Award by the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation.

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Jen Buzza

Jen Buzza is a growth specialist that addresses entrepreneurs' potential to improve and walks them into sustainable growth. There's passion and meaning in all of our work and as business and nonprofit leaders/founders, we can affect daily positive change. We put this notion into practice and guide entrepreneurs to launch and build powerful businesses. 

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Rahul Alim

Rahul Alim is the founder of Custom Creatives, a Digital Marketing Agency that connects companies with their dream clients. He has helped brands such as, Geico,, Reach Local and 1,000’s of local businesses. With 16+ years of experience running his agency, he now coaches agency owners to grow 6 figure businesses with his proven G$D Sales Method.

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Ayodele Aigbe

Ayodele Aigbe is the Founder and CEO of Hangio, a premium clothing care company. Ayo has led Hangio to win pitch competitions, including TiE, U.Pitch, and iLaunch, in addition to being featured in major news platforms. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Ayo is also the Senior Operations Associate at Techstars, a global startup accelerator. Ayo has a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Math from Texas Tech University.

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Thelma Alane

Thelma Alane's expertise in business operations helps her to guide businesses and bring diverse groups of people and skills together to develop quality products. She understands the language of business and technology and has successfully managed complex products through the entire lifecycle. She is a serial entrepreneur who has used her experiences to mentor individuals and early stage companies to create go-to-market strategies.

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David Lam

David Lam is a Cal Lutheran alum and web developer. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from Cal Lutheran. David believes in the value of being self-taught and constantly learning new skills. He is currently a software developer at LAUSD.

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Brett Palmer

Brett Palmer is the Principal Consultant of Brett Palmer & Associates, a training & consulting firm. He is an enterprise agile coach and trainer with more than 20 years of experience in business process improvement and reengineering. He has worked in the technology, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and entertainment industries, and focuses on end-user training and product adoption. He holds over 10 project management and Agile related certifications, and is a featured speaker, facilitator., and podcaster.

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Gina Domergue

Gina Domergue is a Cal Lutheran alum and current software engineer at Google. Before joining Google, Gina was a software engineer at Amazon where she worked on the Device Accessibility team and discovered her passion for accessibility. She strives to bring attention to the importance of accessibility not only in tech, but also in our everyday lives.

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Erin Brady

Erin Brady is a digital engagements strategist. Her career spans senior roles with enterprise companies across direct sales, digital media, TV advertising, and UX engagement design.
She holds dual degrees from UC Davis, is a magician member of the Magic Castle, and recently taught the Digital Marketing Certification Bootcamp for Pepperdine University.

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Angelou Masters

Angelou Masters is a small business growth specialist, coach, and entrepreneur. Through his agency, Jacker Digital, he helps small business owners find creative solutions to market their brands. Angelou specializes in helping new business owners learn and understand the worlds of digital marketing and advertising so that they may avoid traps and grow their business. Angelou is the author of the book "Hit 'em Again: Master Facebook Ad Retargeting". 

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Bob Kay

Robert Kay

Robert's background includes more than 32 years' of experience running Elite Engineering Corp doing marketing, engineering, manufacturing and operating as a consultancy that specialized in instrumentation, diagnostics, automation and vision based systems for industrial, aerospace and medical/biotech products and services. This includes work that resulted in numerous patents and trademarks.

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Suresh Mohan

Suresh Mohan is a Software Architect and Tech Advisor with over 20 years of experience in software development, architecture and management. He's helped companies in healthcare, entertainment, real estate, & non-profits to build mobile and web applications.
Excel is his primary tool for financial, domain data analysis, and even helps with his coding. Suresh has a degree in Computer Science from California State University, Northridge.

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Sabith Khan

Khan is the Program Director of MPPA at Cal Lutheran and in the past has worked as a nonprofit executive  and prior to that,  he was a public relations/ public affairs executive,  who has lead award-winning social change communication campaigns with Ogilvy PR and advised several clients during the 2008 recession. Some of those businesses survived.

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Sally Prosser

Sally Prosser is a holistic voice and public speaking coach with a focus on the mind, body, spirit connection. She has a background in TV news reporting and PR and works with top journalists and broadcasters, as well as executives and business owners, to help them produce a confident, clear speaking voice and get their message heard. In 2020, she was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year (PR & Media QLD) and has a TikTok following of more than 300k.

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Anthony Gonzales

As the co-founder of a Life Science company that provides Risk Mitigation as a Service, Anthony Gonzales has experience managing projects, driving development, and innovatively solving problems. Through grit and determination, he has acquired a unique set of skills and has been exposed to a plethora of experiences. Living the startup life accelerated his career development through real-world experience. 

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Tyler Rinaldi

During this workshop, entrepreneur Tyler Rinaldi will discuss how to create a business around your passion. Whether you have a side hustle or are kicking around some ideas, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to profit off of something that you love. 


Christina Ingram

Christina Ingram is a Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual

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Matthew Dike

Matthew Dike is a Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual & Business Consultant with over a decade of experience with a functional balance of knowledge along with relationship building. Bringing the balance of trust and business insight to the forefront of strategic planning and relationship management for any sales force; these skills make for a top-quality representative and manager.

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