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Entering the CLU job fair as a nervous first year, I was just hoping to find a part time job to cover college expenses. The notion of gaining a family and a job that allows me to express my passion seemed more than unrealistic. What I found at Hub101 was so much more. Hub101 has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. When people ask me about where I work, it is is hard to fully explain the dynamic of Hub101. My favorite parts of Hub101 can be boiled down to three main aspects.

The first aspect is the sense of family. I remember immediately after I finished my interview, my boss (Greg Monterrosa) said to me “welcome home”. I had no idea where I would fit in or how things would play out, but many people assured me that I would find my place.

The place I found exceeded my expectations. Within your first 5 minutes of walking into The Hub, there were be at least two people who will genuinely ask you how you are doing, or give you a fist bump. Having the family of Hub101 throughout freshman year has given me a crucial safety net.

The opportunity to work with other CLU students who have more college and life experience than I do gave me great role models. The adults around the space also offered me advice and guidance when I needed it. The family at Hub is full of individuals who are down to earth, generous, caring and genuine.

The second aspect of Hub101 that I love is the fact that I can practice my passion and get paid for it, how cool is that! I have always had a passion for photography, but I never thought I was good enough to make a career out of it. Hub101 changed that.

I have grown in my confidence in my creativity and photography skills tremendously in my 6 months here. It is such an incredible feeling to see photographs that I have taken on the website and instagram. While working at Hub101 I have always been encouraged to think outside of the box and follow through on ambitious and creative urges. Without this job I would not have grown so much creatively and I am very grateful for that.

The final aspect is the attitude of those who I have the pleasure of working with. It is intensely inspiring to work surrounded by people with profound drive and passion. The positive attitude and determination displayed by all of my co-workers constantly pushes me to work hard and do my best. I have learned so many important life skills and work skills in my short time here. The connections I have formed here are not only relevant to my life now, but also to my future. I am so excited to watch my co-workers grow in their entrepreneurship endeavors and as people. I am also excited to grow myself, and I know that the community here at Hub101 will help me along my journey.

Operated by Cal Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, programs and community for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow, and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers.

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