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A Transfer Student’s Journey at Hub101 By Brooke Oyler

I was in my second semester at California Lutheran University as a transfer student from Moorpark College. I didn’t really have any friends, other than the people I consistently sat next to in class, and I was waitressing on the side so I also didn’t really have time to go to any social events the campus put on for commuters.

I was working on the school newspaper for credit when I was assigned to write about a place called Hub101. I had so many questions for my editor because I didn’t know anything about it and who to get in contact with. Once I was able to get in touch with a former student who the profile article was about, I was given the name of his mentor, Greg Monterrosa.

I scheduled a phone interview with Greg to ask about what Hub101 is, and what it had to do with the alumni, and I got the full run down. I was so impressed that Cal Lutheran even had a service like Hub101 where the community can use a modern office space for their startup companies, as well as it being a free place for students to use for meetings, advice, studying, etc. The interview eventually led into Greg asking me what I was doing for work and let me know there was a spot open for a “doer” and that he would like to meet with me and talk more about it. A “doer” is basically the title given to student interns because they do everything. Anything from creating social media content, to organizing large events, everything is an opportunity.

After our phone numbers were exchanged, he followed up a few days later with a reminder text that it is a paid position, so I went ahead and made my appointment with him. When walking into the pace for the first time, I was amazed by how large, clean, and modern it was! There was also a handful of diverse people, some in business clothes, some students in sneakers, and some playing on a ping pong table. There was a girl sitting at the front desk who I knew slightly as an acquaintance which was nice because I got to ask her some questions about what she thought about working at Hub101. Everything she said was so positive and the creative projects she told me she was working on seemed like something I would really enjoy.

Once I got the formal tour of the space, I knew it was exactly what I’d want to be a part of. Greg and everyone he introduced me to was so upbeat, encouraging and supportive, I felt nothing but pure positivity when I was there. When I accepted my offer, Greg gave me his signature greet, “Welcome Home.”

The first few days of my shifts took a little time to figure everything out about the space and what exactly my responsibilities are, but everyone was so kind and helpful, I got the hang of it very quickly. I loved being given projects to work on with little direction, because it encouraged me to have my own creative power which is something I didn’t ever have the opportunity to express before. I learned so much about myself and what professional skills I am good at, and the things I didn’t know, I was able to learn and conquer.

The amount of knowledge I assumed in such little time was extensive, and also really helped me break out of my shell with the Cal Lutheran community. By meeting so many people and having great connections, I became naturally more informed and involved with my school which I am so thankful for because I probably never would have known the importance of it! I am proud to be able to now answer questions that my peers have about CLU and Hub101.

I feel so much more prepared than I was, and I am not a senior who is scared for the ‘real world’. I am now a senior who is excited and confident to enter the business/career world, and I am so thankful to always have Hub101 as a place to call my home. Hub101 Operated by California Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, community, and mentorship for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers. #StartSomething

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